Driverless Car

  • Prof. S. N . Dharwadkar


Due to invention of the car there is a great relation between human and car. Because of the invention of the car there is huge improvement in the automobile industries, due to the car human can travel from one place to another place in very short time. But from the invention of the car percentage of the road accidents are increased. The accidents are occurred due to the lack of knowledge of driving and drink driving also. In that view, proposing the automatic driverless car. This will explore the impact that autonomous vehicles likely to have on travel demands the transportation planning. We as humans, make a lot of mistakes on road. To have a safe traffic, we came up with the idea of driverless car . This car can be used as taxies, school vehicles, public transport and private vehicles also. The driverless car will never break any signals. It will always follow the speed limits. It will lot of safer for women who travel far away from home. It will increase quality of life.

Keywords: DC Motors, Relays, Batteries, IR sensors, Ultrasonic sensor, Zigbee module, LCD display


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