E-Health Care and Patient Monitoring System Using Body Area Network

  • Vivek Gadiwaddar


A better healthcare system should give better healthcare services to users anywhere in an affordable and comfortably manner. The new patient centered approach is completely different from the old traditional way. In the old way the doctors perform the main role. Patient always needs to visit the doctor for necessary diagnosis and advice. This approach has two problems, first the doctors compulsory should present at place of the patient for 24 hours and second, in the hospital. The patient remains admitted with wired connected biomedical instruments to bedside, for long period of time. The patient friendly approach has received to solve these two problems. To overcome this problem, the patients should be aware of symptoms, disease, diagnosis and precaution. This proposed system reduces the regular visits to doctors, until the patient is critical. This system provides readily available patient monitoring system and disease prediction.

Keywords: Patient Monitoring, IoT, Health Care, Disease Prediction, Biomedical Sensors, Raspberry Pi.


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