• Sagar Deshmukh


Car parking facilities and traffic management systems are one of the key aspects that smart cities. Now a days finding a parking space in crowded area is always difficult. It is becoming harder and harder with increasing number of private car users. For smart cities to undertake actions in order to improve the efficiency, to minimize the searching times for parking, traffic congestion can be solved if the drivers can be informed in advance about the availability of parking spaces at and around their intended destination, it can be a golden opportunity.
To creating new application for internet of things, recent advances in creating low cost, low power embedded systems are helping developers. For the purpose of monitoring followed by development of sensor technology many modern cities have decided for deploying various IoT based system in and around cities. A gain in number of inventive ideas related to smart parking systems are reflected from a survey performed by international parking institute. For delivering real time information about available parking spaces there are certain parking systems at present.

Keywords: Internet of Things; Cloud Computing; Smart Parking; Smart City; Cloud of Things Introduction


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