IOT Based Industrial Automation & Data Logging Using GPRS

  • Priyanka Tondewad


Automation is the need in industries to reduces the human efforts, achieve the accuracy and speed of work. We will also controls the industry machinery without human resource and also enquire about their operational status from remote place. Raspberry pi works as a controller which controls the appliances industry and also work as a server. Raspberry pi support to Python language. HTML Language is used to design webpage which is front end design and for backend PHP, Java script coding is used for webpage designing. We will take the data from various sensor which are connected to raspberry pi. GPRS is connected to raspberry pi which is always gives on connectivity. Raspberry pi send data through GPRS to webpage with the help of TCP/IP protocol. The data is accessible to industry operator for monitoring and controlling purpose. When the machinery ON/OFF all these data stored in the form of pdf to keep record.

Keywords: IOT, Embedded web server, Raspberry pi , Sensors, GPRS


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