Securing Card Transaction Against Shoulder Surfing Attack

  • Dr. M. P. Dale


In this paper author presents an approach to minimize shoulder surfing attack (SSA). Information available and security of computers are supported mostly by passwords which play the important role in verification process. The (PIN) Personal Identification Number is common certification method used in various devices like ATM’s, Bank Lockers, secure door lock system and mobile devices. This method of entering pin is the main cause for shoulder surfing attack (SSA). When pin number is entered in public places, culprit observe the pin number over their shoulder. This is called shoulder surfing attack (SSA). In this project we will propose a system to prevent this SSA attack. A shoulder attack is one of the modern way used by hackers or opponent to steal the account information or to authenticate in a private region. In a shoulder attack a person is being observed by a culprit and he observes his activities that what numbers he has entered or makes a video of total transaction process and comes to know that what the password is so whenever user need to put PIN code, user will be using the mobile phone to type that pin code, using shuffling keypad prototype designed on user’s Android phone.

Keywords: SSA, PIN, ATM, prototype


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