Automatic Method of Protection of Transformer Using PIC Microcontroller

  • Shraddha Ganage
  • Prof. Kavita Shrivastava


This paper describe the design and implementation of an “Automatic method of protecting transformer using PIC Microcontroller”. The aim of this paper is to provide an alternative, effective, efficient and more reliable method of protecting fault from power transformer which may arose as a result of over voltage, overcurrent, over temperature. Generally, fault may occur in transformers due to the stated reasons. Along with above said faults system is designed to indicate Transformer oil quality. This isolation process is to ensure that the transformer is safe from any excess current levels that can make it to overheat thus get damaged. Thereafter regarding the monitoring and control, information about the operation of the parameters would be transmitted to a personal computer for general monitoring and control, which avoid the need of the lines men who had to go to the transformer to re-fix fuses.

Keywords: Microcontroller based Automatic method of protecting transformer. Voltage, Current, Oil Quality, Temperature monitoring of a transformer.


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