Design and Fabrication of a Single Sided Three Phase Linear Induction Motor

  • Nilesh Joshi
  • Kavita shrivastava


Linear Induction Motor invented in 1890, only two years after the discovery of the rotary induction principle. Basically the concept of the linear device consists of unrolling of rotary machine cutting along radial plane such that primary consists of a single row of coils in slots in a laminated steel core. The force can be applied uniformly to the belt over a wide area without mechanical contact that’s the reason for which linear induction motor is used to drive conveyor belt system. Hence drive becomes independent of friction. This paper presents a simple and fast methodology for designing and fabrication of Single sided linear induction motor (SLIM). Analysis and design problems, as unique to linear machines are discussed. Several possible applications of these machines are included

Keywords: Electric Motors, linear Induction Motor (LIM), Single-Sided linear (SLIM)


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