• Rushikesh Maknikar


There has been a high increase in demand of customized mechanical parts in recent years and in upcoming years the demand will rise to a further extent. Considering these demands and using CNC technology we have came up with a “multi tool CNC station” where the demand of customers are fulfilled and the costing is lowered. On this station multiple tasks can be performed on a single platform and the need for multiple stations is reduced to one. Traditionally all CNC systems have been standalone system. But we have developed a system where all these CNC tasks are performed on a single station and the space and costing for the station is reduced. As per traditional CNC machines required huge space for a single setup and cost of it would go higher in terms of setup of all the CNC tools (for eg: a 3-D extrusion setup requires around 1 lakh rs., laser engraving setup requires the same amount. Thus making it huge sum). This makes the traditional system unaffordable and useless at prototyping stages.
Therefore, as per increasing demand in multitasking systems which can reduce the space and cost constraints we can also save valuable resources and develop a cost effective multi tool CNC station.

Keywords: Multi tool CNC, 3Dprinter, laser engraver.


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