A Survey of Remote Sensing Image Enhancement using Pixel Level Fusion

  • Ms. Priyanka S. Tondewad


Remote sensing image enhancement and processing is emerging area as it has demanding applications in land cover, land classification, precision agriculture and environmental monitoring fields. It becomes necessity to have high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution for further processing and use. As remotely sensed images may get affected by many physical factors, position of airborne and specifications of the sensors used, it’s difficult to have very high spatial and spectral resolution in same image, it’s always been a tradeoff. The fused image is expected to incorporate the high spatial and spectral resolution components of input images. High spectral resolution is required for accurate description of texture and shapes. In this article author reviews state-of-art pixel level fusion methods for remotely sensed multi-sensor images and parameters used for subjective and objective evaluation. Though ample amount of research has been done and going on in this field, attention needs to be given to the registration process and to preserve the important information from original multi-sensor input images.

Keywords: Remote Sensing Image, Image registration, Panchromatic Image (PAN), Multispectral Image (MS), Pixel level fusion.


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