Comparison of ANN and ANFIS controller for PMSG Variable Speed WECS

  • V. Lakshma Naik
  • Dr. R. Kiranmayi


This paper deals with the variable speed wind energy conversion systems (WECS), using PMSG. To overcome the demerits occurred in these systems. A new DC Optimal level reference standard, however maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm also used to obtain the new optimal operating point for the power curve. This optimal operating point is depends upon DC Interlink Voltage and currents. The proposed ANN and ANFIS technique is simulated in MAT Lab/ Simulink software. Here the WECS is evaluated and compared with conventional ANN and ANFIS network methods. The problems related with the Power Co-Efficient , the tip speed ratio(TSR) and DC inter link voltage and average power is evaluated over the total power extraction of WECS  has provided with the modern advantages with all these errors consideration and improvement. This control signal also derived in order to achieve MPPT along with this the total harmonic distortion (THD) is also calculated for all mentioned systems.

Keywords: Index Terms - WECS, PMSG, MPPT and THD


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