Corrections, Retractions & Expressions of Concern


Asian Journal for Convergence in Technology  (AJCT) strongly encourages authors to check the proofs carefully, paying special attention to spellings of author names as NO corrections or changes can be done after the article is published. Should the author contact  Asian Journal for Convergence in Technology  (AJCT) after publication requesting changes to the published paper there would need to be a Corrigendum published.


Journal editors at AJCT will consider retracting a publication if there is clear evidence the findings are unreliable either because of misconduct or honest error. Publications may also be retracted for instances of duplication, redundancy, plagiarism or the reporting of unethical research.

All retractions issued at AJCT will ensure:

• The retraction and original article are linked in both directions

• The retracted article is clearly identified

• The original HTML version will remain, with both the HTML and PDF of the original article digitally watermarked ‘Retracted’

• A clear explanation giving the reason for the retraction is provided

• The person(s), for example, the authors and/or the Editor, who requested the retraction is clearly stated

AJCT  recognizes the purpose of a retraction is to correct the literature and ensure the integrity of the publication record. They are not intended as a means of punishment for authors.

In some instances, for example, minor data errors or minor cases of plagiarism, journal editors may decide the publication can be corrected through a corrigendum or erratum. This option will be considered especially if the majority of the publication is still accurate and the error is an honest mistake.

Retractions will not normally be issued to resolve authorship disputes. The preferred option in this situation is to issue a corrigendum. This is provided the authors can justify the change in authorship, and this usually requires the support of their respective institutions.

To help minimize the impact of incorrect or misleading publications, all efforts will be made to issue retractions as soon as possible.

For more details please refer to COPE’s retraction guidelines.