Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Based Robotic Arm

  • Srija Dasgupta
  • Avirup Ghosh
Keywords: Robotic arm, Control of robot arm, Motor, Robots, Bluetooth, Arduino Uno, Servo Motor.


From ancient times science and technology have eased human life in all ways. So, it’s not surprising that with the advancement of human civilization human needs will be increased and technology has to be developed at the same pace. While meeting these needs and making everyday life easier, better; here comes the importance of robotic arm studies. Robot arms can be controlled by an outside user or by doing predetermined instructions. Nowadays, robot arms are broadly used in the industry and as well the medicine sector. Today, technology is developing at the same pace of rapidly increasing human needs. The work done to meet these needs makes life easier every day, and these studies are concentrated on robotic arm studies. In this project, the robotic arm can move in 4 axis directions with the help of 5 servo motors. With the help of the holder, we can hold the material and move it from one place to another. For doing this, we can connect the android application with the Arduino UNO microcontroller via the Bluetooth module. The abstract part describes why robotic arms have become so important, the introduction part describes types of it, the projected method describes the theory of the project and descriptions of components, lastly how the arm is implemented is described in experimental data and results.


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Dasgupta, S., & Ghosh, A. (2021). Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Based Robotic Arm. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 7(1), 115-120.

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