Transmission Line Fault Detection with Mini Weather Station using IoT

  • Patil Pravin Namdev
  • Munde Prashant Sudhir
  • Raut Dhiraj Shantaram
  • More Rutuja Goutam
  • Sid Vidya Shankar
  • . Sonali A Palake
Keywords: Internet of things, Microcontroller IC ATMEGA 328P, Arduino software Internet of things, temperature and humidity sensor


The fault occurred in transmission line is very much dangerous for the locality. In locality the fault occurrence is more as compared to outer transmission line. In our prototype we design a model which is to be detect the fault in transmission line by comparing the voltage signal between the transmission line and a reference value, the reference value is predetermined and if the transmission line voltage is more than or less than reference value then fault is to be shown in display. The information regarding fault occurrence in particular phase is send to web page via IOT device which is NODE MCU(Esp8266) and also shown in display. The Voltage sensor is used to sense the voltage and send output to microcontroller IC. Here microcontroller IC ATMEGA 328P is used in this IC programming is done which compare the voltage signal and send output to IOT module and display. Similarly, climate is the condition of the environment, to the extent that it is hot or chilly, wet or dry, quiet or stormy, clear or overcast. Checking the climate conditions physically is troublesome. Here on this paper the weather station is based totally on IoT (internet of things). Such a framework contains sensor like DHT11 that detects temperature and humidity. The sensor is associated with an e-bulletin board and ESP8266 board that is a low fee Wi-Fi module. By keeping the embedded devices in the environment for tracking enables us to know the college campus weather. The execution of the climate observing framework needs to convey the sensor gadgets in the surrounding for gathering the information and analysis


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Namdev, P. P., Sudhir, M. P., Shantaram, R. D., Goutam, M. R., Shankar, S. V., & Palake, . S. A. (2021). Transmission Line Fault Detection with Mini Weather Station using IoT. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 7(1), 130-133.

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