ABHAY KISAAN: Aiding Farmers with AI

  • Aakash Barhate
  • Atharva Potdar
  • Vedant Sonje
  • Dr.Shalu Chopra
Keywords: Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Object-Detection, FRCNN V2,weed, crop, accu- racy.


Abhay Kisaan is  a  project  aimed  at  protecting  the integrity of farmers by developing three modules for their benevolence. The first module is a crop recommender system which recommends crops based on climate and soil conditions. The second module is a weed  detection  system  which  detects the exact location and presence of weed in an image of a top   view crop field. Weed growth can hamper crop development and hence must be detected and removed at once. The third module is Prediction of various crop diseases using images and analyzing its cause to present it as evidence for a faulty fertilizer or inclement weather. Accuracy of the models are 95will be presented as an android application.


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How to Cite
Barhate, A., Potdar, A., Sonje, V., & Chopra, D. (2021). ABHAY KISAAN: Aiding Farmers with AI. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 7(1), 141-143. https://doi.org/10.33130/AJCT.2021v07i01.029

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