Structural Health Monitoring of Old Industrial Structures

  • Piyush K. Bhandari
Keywords: Earthquakes; building Code; health monitoring; old buildings; structures; industrial building


Recent 2015 earthquake that had strike Katmandu region in Nepal have clearly indicated the negligence of the Government, engineers and the dwellers in following the Building code during its construction and use. If those buildings were evaluated structurally as per the norms, the picture would not have been so devastating. The structural engineers should have assessed the health and condition of old buildings. But the main problem here was lack of documents for conducting the survey. The whole survey was done in favor of client. It’s a need to create awareness and impose the building byelaws so that it will be followed strictly, at least when it comes to the part of human life. Loss of human life is a great loss to nation which cannot be recovered in terms of any compensation.


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