Raspberry-Pi base Advanced Safety Helmet for Mine Workers

  • Rahul G. Maprai
  • Chanakya Kumar Jha


Mining is world's most dangerous professions. In some nations, underground miners lack safety and social protection, be left to fend for themselves if injured. Additionally, there are adverse societal repercussions, including displacement and loss of livelihood. Mining has the greatest fatality rate of any industry. The most workplace fatalities poisoning, and electrocution. There are various case studies regarding underground mines; for example, a recent case study in China indicated that underground mining is the world's deadliest business. disasters, we developed a more advanced communication technology that must work in tandem with an intelligent sensing and warning system. The most critical component in every business is safety. are paramount in the mining business. To avoid mishaps, the mining sector takes critical safeguards.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Global System for Mobile communication, Sewage Gas monitoring system


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