An Image-based Intelligent System for Data Extraction

  • Shawn Louis
  • Piyush Sonar
  • Priya Kaul
Keywords: Image processing, Machine Learning, Neural Network


Automation is the process of providing goods and services with fewer to no human interventions. The major advantage of automation is reduction in human error. The system proposes to extract data from images that are tilted at different angles and noisy. The system reduces human error by storing the data directly in the database. The proposed system will take image input from the user through a user interface. This interface is a web application. The input image is pre-processed and forwarded to a machine learning model. The machine learning model is trained and tested using a character data set and convolutional neural network. The model will detect the characters and will give the output as recognized text. This output will be automatically stored in the database and shared with the user through the same interface.


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Louis, S., Sonar, P., & Kaul, P. (2022). An Image-based Intelligent System for Data Extraction. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 8(2), 1-4.

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