IoT Intravenous Bag Monitoring and Alert System

  • A. Karthik
  • B. SaranTeja
  • R. Ajay
  • J. SwethaPriyanka


The day-to-day monitoring of patients in a hospital is a challenging task under our existing medical care system. During Health Hazard times like Covid 19 physicians or nurses are too busy to keep track of every patient. This leads to numerous issues. Work relating to health should be completed correctly and accurately. Saline or intravenous (IV) fluid injections into patient veins are an example of this kind of activity in our hospitals. Inadequate drip system monitoring can result in issues like blood loss, fluid backflow, and other issues. We present a solution called the IoT Intravenous Bag Monitoring and Alert System in order to lessen the strain and resolve such a dire issue in the domain of an intravenous drip monitoring system. Healthcare workers found themselves overburdened at the height of the Covid-19 Epidemic due to the constant influx of new patients. Frontline staff members cannot directly monitor and care for every patient during such periods. A medical procedure called Intravenous treatment is used to inject nutrients, medicines, and fluids straight into a patient's vein. IV therapy is essential to aid a patient in recovering quickly because it is frequently used to rehydrate and supply nutrients. Nonetheless, IV drips require routine inspection and replacement. Depending on the patient and their condition, the fluid flow must also be measured. The Weight Sensor used by this IoT intravenous fluid monitoring system detects when the fluid level in the IV infusion bottle drops and broadcasts the information over IoT.

Keywords: Intravenous Therapy; IoT; Covid-19; Monitoring


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