FE Analysis of Cornering Fatigue Test for Wheel Rim of Light Commercial Vehicle

  • Chaudhari Dhananjay D
  • Bhagwat Randhavan


Automobile wheels are an essential and important part of any automobile from their invention to today they have taken on various designs changes, structures, and styles. Main function of automobile wheels is to carry the overall weight of vehicle, resist the forces & stresses created during driving and transmit the driving torque to achieve the required speed & torque while driving. Wheels must have well strength stiffness and having durable design to withstand running at high speeds. Also they are capable to absorb various shocks and vibration on various road load condition like braking, bump, cornering. Automobile wheel assembly consist of various parts like tire, wheel rim, disc, and bearing. Wheel is mounted on axle hub to provide vehicle motion through bearing. Tires reduce shock and provide traction & cushioning. They can be considered part of the suspension system. They transmit engine power, as well as braking and cornering efforts, to the road. Tires prevent wheel rim from various force which are directly comes from roads while driving.

Keywords: Wheel Rim, AIS 073, Cornering Fatigue Test, Finite Element Analysis, Stress Analysis.


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