Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Networks: Study the challenges and develop solutions for securing IoT networks, including authentication, access control, and data protection

  • Mohammad Naveed Hossain
  • Md. Mahedi Hassan
  • Raiyan Janik Monir
  • Md. Shaba Sayeed
  • Shaira Wajiha
  • Tamkin Mahmud Tan
Keywords: IoT, Security, Authentication, Access control, Data protection, framework


The present study focuses on the security issues that arise in the context of IoT networks and puts forward potential remedies in the areas of authentication, access control, and data safeguarding. Through a comprehensive analysis of the extant scholarly works, we ascertain deficiencies and construct a framework incorporating sophisticated procedures and cryptographic techniques. The model in question guarantees data confidentiality and integrity while considering limitations in available resources. The efficacy of network security enhancement is demonstrated through the use of simulations. The present study offers valuable contributions to the domain of IoT security by furnishing pragmatic perspectives for safeguarding IoT networks and promoting confidence in the burgeoning IoT milieu.


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Hossain, M. N., Hassan, M. M., Monir, R. J., Sayeed, M. S., Wajiha, S., & Mahmud Tan, T. (2023). Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Networks: Study the challenges and develop solutions for securing IoT networks, including authentication, access control, and data protection. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 9(2), 43-48.

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