Need of Medium for Finding Blood Donor in Bhutan

  • Tashi Wangchuk
  • Kinley Wangmo
  • Ugyen Wangchuk
  • Passang Gyem
  • Gagan Deep singh
  • Parshu Ram Dhungyel


finding a blood donor at right time is a big issue around the globe. Though the issue is a major concern even in our country Bhutan, it is left unaddressed until now. Here, in this paper an effort is presented to address this issue using the mobile application. The paper presents the current practices and issues faced by Bhutanese people in finding a right donor at right time. The data were collected from around 210 people around Bhutan either using online questionnaires or through paper-based interviews. The survey analysis showed that there is difficulty in finding a right donor at the right time. The study also found that majority of the people dominantly uses the platform of social media to find blood donor in Bhutan. The respondents unanimously supported the urgent need of easier technology that would ease the problem. The paper proposes the use of mobile application as a solution to address the current issue to find the blood donor in Bhutan.

Keywords: Blood donor, mobile application, issues, current practice.


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