An Eextension Analysis of SRPV Generation at GNDEC Bidar: A Case Study

  • Deepak Ghode
  • Pooja Jawake
Keywords: SRPV (solar rooftop photovoltaic), tilt angle, payback period


In present scenario, the electricity requirements are increasing at alarming rate and the power demand is ahead of supply. It is also now widely recognized that fossil fuels may not be either sufficient or suitable to keep pace with ever increasing demand of electricity. The recent severe energy crises has forced to develop alternative method of power generation. The solar PV system is one of the example and it has several benefits such as self-reliance in electricityin a cost-effective manner, environmental sustainability reduction in carbon foot print and minimize the payoffs. As a result, GNDEC Bidar has installed 100kw solar power plant on electrical science block to satisfy the college load. Since college connected load is 400kw and contract demand is 200kva, which accounts for expansion of existing SRPV generation plant. In this paper primary objective is to create a realistic plan for expansion of solar PV system at GNDEC, Bidar.


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