Modeling & Simulation of Transient Response of a Armature-Controlled Direct Current Motor Using MATLAB/SIMULINK

  • Suresh H L
  • Narendra Chaulagain
  • Darshan H S
  • Yashaswi K C
Keywords: Transient response, DC Motor, Motor Modelling


In this paper the experimental implementation of a separately excited DC motor are presented. The models of speed control of the DC motor are implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation can be very helpful for  motor behaviour under different operating conditions which are helpful in designing more advanced protective devices precautionary equipments., For simulation of motor, some data is also required like torque constant which is obtained by experimental investigations. Output is varying corresponding to change in input variable. The input variables are armature current, filed resistance and armature voltage. By testing of actual motor simulating and modelling we will get our required output.



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