In India agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Our people completely depended on the agricultural harvesting. In dry areas or in case of inadequate rainfall, irrigation becomes difficult. so, todays our farmers are using drip irrigation to save water. In drip irrigation the farmers must switch on the drip based on timings manually on his assumption of plants moisture level. In this paper we are proposing a smart drip irrigation which is based on Controller. We are using moisture sensor to sense the moisture level of the plants. We will collect the moisture reading from sensor to “ThingSpeak” cloud, where we are calculate the average value of sensors and we will compare to the threshold value of moisture. If the value is greater than threshold value the notification will be sent to the mobile app denoting farmer to switch on the pump of that line. If farmers switch on the pump the pump will be opened in the farm by which water will flow to plants. The moisture level reduces.


Keywords: IOT, Sensor based irrigation, soil moisture sensor, drip irrigation, automation control


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