Smart Surveillance Vigilant Detection and Notification System

  • Soorya Kana
  • Gayathri Prabhu
  • Apoorva C
  • Apporva A


Surveillance system plays a key role in maintaining the security in today's life. But, fail to provide the feature of avoiding the unfortunate happenings. This work comes up with an idea of smart surveillance system designed such a way that the user is notified when upcoming dangers are detected. In this work, motion of the intruders and the presence of a human faces are detected using image processing algorithms. As the motion detected in the locality of the surveillance area, a short video clip is recorded and sent to the user along with an alert message through the email server controlled by Raspberry Pi. When the cloud is not available, the data is stored locally in the Raspberry Pi and is sent to the user when the connection restarts. Live streaming video from the camera is accessed on any Internet enabled device. Surveillance camera rotates with the help of a DC motor. Also, temperature and gas sensors are integrated with the system.

Keywords: Surveillance; IoT; Raspberry Pi; Motion Detection; Intruders; OpenCV


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