Denoising Medical Images Using Filters

  • Rohit Choudhari
  • Nishant Deshpande
  • Jay Alaknure
  • Adwait Aralkar


Images, since their invention, have proved extremely vital in a lot of processes that happen in our day- to-day life. The medicine industry is one of the most crucial lifelines, which makes use of images quite extensively. Information amassed from these can provide medical professionals an insight into problem at hand, and if gathered timely, can pave way for faster and more accurate diagnosis while providing appropriate treatments. Modifying the images also helps in detecting diseases beforehand. Images are very commonly affected by different types of noise due to external factors such as interference. A common way of noise removal i.e. denoising an image is using filters. This leads to better quality of images for more accurate information. Hence, enhancement, noise-removal and filtration of noisy images is a significant aspect of the process. The paper provides an understanding of various image denoising methods and reviews the results for the same.

Keywords: Medical Image Processing; Image Processing; Image Filtering; Denoising


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