Design & Implementation of a Multiband Antenna for Wireless Communication.

  • Blaisey Soj
  • Anjum Khan
  • Vineet Suvarna
  • Glenn Rodrigues
  • Rose Basi


Microstrip antennas are the most widely used antennas in many communication fields. They are used for their light weight, low cost, low profile, simple structure and omni-directinal radiation patterns. This paper presents the design and implementation of a multiband antenna for wireless communication. A proposed antenna is designed which will operate in 3 different frequencies. i.e. WLAN 2.4GHz, GSM-930MHz, GSM-1.84GHz using U slot with inset feeding technique. In this project, various measurements in terms of gain, bandwidth, return loss and radiation pattern are analyzed and a comparative study is done.

Keywords: Multiband, Microstrip antenna, U- Slot, HFSS Software


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