A Robust, Efficient FPGA based implementation of edge detection using Sobel mask

  • . Siddhartha Raman S
  • Rahul Gottipati
Keywords: FPGA, Sobel Mask, Edge Detection, Kernel, Vivado HLS


Image Processing has traditionally been one of the most popular applications of FPGAs. Usually computationally expensive, image processing algorithms are best implemented on customizable hardware platforms like FPGA boards. The process of convolution has been a very powerful tool in identifying the response of a system given an input. The same thing can be extended to image processing in the sense that it is used for the purpose of finding the output image when acted upon by various filters [1]. In this paper, we have restricted ourselves to finding the resultant image when applied upon by sobel mask (to perform edge detection). The sobel mask is used so as to detect edges and identify whether the edges of an image are spurious. The coefficients of the mask are then convolved with the gray scale images so as to produce desired images. This paper presents a novel implementation of Edge detection using a Sobel mask on a Zynq 7000 board


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