Reconfigurable Ultra Low Power LNA With and Without in Band Interference Rejection for IoT Application

  • Abhishek Gautam
  • Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain


In this paper, a reconfigurable Ultra low power Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) is presented. In this work,subthreshold driven Common Gate (CG) input stage is modified to provide wideband input matchingand a current reuse noise cancelling technique is introduced toimprove noise performance. Additionally, substantial reductionin power consumption is obtained by driving the MOS devices insubthreshold region.To provide dual output i.e. with and without Interference Rejection a High Isolation and Low Insertion Loss SPDT Switch is used. Negative Gm Based LC Series Notch Filter is used for the interference rejection. This Circuit achieved a gain of 10 dB (1 dB) with NF 6.3-7.2 over the bandwidth of 1.5-5.5 GHz in one port and 35dB Inference rejection of Narrow band @2.45GHz, A very high Isolation is obtained between the two ports i.e. 54dB. This is suitable for IOT Wireless Sensor Nodes. The circuit is simulated in Cadence Virtuoso using Spice Models in TSMC 65nm node.

Keywords: Ultra-Low Power LNA, SPDT Switch, Notch Filter.


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