Geoweb Application for Web based geoprocessing

  • Parimita Mohanty
  • Himansu Mohan Padhy
  • Pranati Mishra
Keywords: GIS, web service, QGIS, Open Source, cross-platform, geospatial, geoprocessing, Grass-GIS, vector data, raster data, geoweb application.


GIS (Geographical Information System) plays a very important role in web based geoprocessing which is useful for many geospatial data for decision making. Web services can be consumed in web browser based application using GIS software like QGIS. QGIS (Quantum GIS) is open-source software for GIS application that supports viewing, editing, and analysing of geospatial data. Web based geoprocessing technology has been developed to perform the supporting capability of GRASS-GIS. The geoweb application provides the functionality for vector based geo-processing. In this paper, the zone map of Odisha state is being used to mapping.



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