Rotational Energy Conversion Using Magnetic Field

  • Hossain Mohammad Sazzad
  • Salman Yeaish
  • Jonaed Hossain
  • Raihanul Haque
  • Abu Hena Md Shati
Keywords: Conceptual Methodology, Proposed Concept, Working Principle, Flow Chart of Proposed Concept, Future Analysis.


 It is clear that society worldwide must start to mitigate its environmental damage instantly in order to sustain life on Earth. In this regard, researchers all over the globe are exploring new energy efficient alternatives to power everything from harmless source. The energy consumption rate around the world is rising day by day. On the other hand, conventional sources of energy are finishing at a fast rate. There is an uncertainty about the energy security around the world. The crisis of energy can be minimized by utilizing the renewable sources of energy in a decent way. In these thesis concept, electricity can be produced only using magnetic field. However, proposed thesis concept needs some sophisticated material which is unavailable in Bangladesh now. And it is also a new in the field of renewable energy. That’s why it is important to minimize cost by using the material which is available in Bangladesh. The thesis paper gives a clear idea about the impact of proposed concept on renewable energy and its effectiveness.


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Sazzad, H., Yeaish, S., Hossain, J., Haque, R., & Md Shati, A. H. (2018). Rotational Energy Conversion Using Magnetic Field. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 4(3). Retrieved from

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