FarmGuide- One-stop solution to farmers

  • Dr. Gresha S. Bhatia
  • Pankaj Ahuja
  • Devendra Chaudhari
  • Sanket Paratkar
  • Akshaya Patil


Agriculture and the allied sectors largely
contribute to the livelihood of more than 70% rural population in
India. Indian economy is highly influenced by these sectors which
contribute to 18% of our country’s GDP. But the farmers, who
are the backbone of this system, suffer severe losses and the
suicide rate keep rising with more than 12,000 suicides per year.
The main reasons for this include lack of awareness about
market trends, ideal sowing dates as well as crop diseases that
affect the yield.
With the help of Cognitive implications and the
predictive analysis using artificial intelligence, this situation can
be improved. This paper emphasises on creating a one-stop
solution that can provide assistance to the farmers at different
stages; from sowing to selling their product. The paper mainly
focuses on three modules namely: Sowing dates prediction, Crop
Disease detection, and Market Intelligence along with Buying
selling Portal. As for the farmers, they do not need any special
tools other than mobile phones with an internet connection to use
these features, thereby making it practical and cost-effective.
Availability of such a platform can increase the
productivity in the farms and thereby can be a boon to Indian

Keywords: GDP (Gross Domestic Product); ML (Machine Learning); Regression model; Deep convolutional model; F1 Score; Agriculture; Mean Log Loss; Crop diseases.


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