Process Development and Manufacturing of Tapping Tool using Friction Welding Technique

  • Kiran C. More
  • Swapnil S
  • Shekhar D. Shelke
  • Joel A. Shepherd
Keywords: Friction welding, Tapping Tool, Cost optimization


In today’s scenario, the main weightage of investigation is to reduce the cost of product while upholding its strength and efficiency. To solve problem in this regard manufacturing technologies play an important role. In this project decreasing the cost of cutting tool is considered. The prominence of the project is to reduce the overall cost of cutting tool (tap) while maintaining its properties and strength using the friction welding technique. The design issues for this study area unit stress and deflection. Materials used are H11 chromium hot work tool steel. In the present work tensile strength and hardness testing of produced blank is carried out in UTM and Vickers hardness testing machine. The results obtained from calculations, experimental study in static load condition. In this work an attempt of Cost reduction has been made by using friction welding technique.


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More, K. C., S, S., Shelke, S. D., & Shepherd, J. A. (2019). Process Development and Manufacturing of Tapping Tool using Friction Welding Technique. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 4(3). Retrieved from

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