• Nikhil Neve
  • Hemanshu Ahire
Keywords: Construction logistics management, advanced mobile-based application technologies, engineering, equipment, materials, project, site, transportation, technologies.


The construction industry is often slower to adopt new technologies than other industries. Yet the construction industry shall embrace these technologies sufficiently in order to keep up with advances in other trades. One of the most crucial elements in construction management is productivity. And the adopting of new technologies such as mobile-based application can increase construction project productivity in such areas as materials management, tool use time, and labour motivations. During the project we studied and analyzed the data to investigate and improve the logistic situation at a construction sites situated in Pune. During the study we found that there is a lack of general knowledge regarding material and site logistics in construction projects in Pune. As a result, there are many unnecessary movements on site interrupting overall output on site and displacing direct value-added activities. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is by practical observations and site interviews, earlier studies, to investigate the existing logistic approach on the construction site, as well as to provide proper logistic strategy for improving construction process.


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