Security and Privacy Issues of Medical Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

  • Muhammad Hunain Memon
  • Aakash kumar
  • Muhammad Hammad Memon
  • Syeda Munazza Marium
  • Jalaluddin Khan


For decades, the wireless medical sensor network (WMSN) has shown great prospective in refining health care quality. The vast ranges of medical applications that lead to computer-assisted treatment from all over the health monitoring are based on WMSNs technology. These applications introduce emergency medical response systems with its numerous advantages and facilities. However, these technologies have privacy and security challenges that need to be analyzed to make it preferable and socially acceptable. This survey paper depicts the current state-of-the-art wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies being used in medical applications. In this paper, we have focused on system architecture, routing, security, and privacy issues with various medical applications from various research work.

Keywords: wireless sensors network; medical applications; ubiquitous health monitoring; WSN technologies.


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