Solar Assisted Water Purification System Analysis

  • Shivam Mishra
  • Abhijit Nirantare
  • Mohit Pandya
  • Mohamad kaif Vohra
  • Deep Patel


A theoretical analysis of solar assisted water purification is presented in this research. A system is designed in which Maximum heat energy is absorbed by collector, the heated primary fluid is transferred to heat exchanger consists of salt water. Vapourization of salt water takes place and pure water vapour is taken out by vaccum pump and further condensed to get drinkable water. The remaining salt is flushed out from heat exchanger. The components that system consisted are parabolic troughs, heat exchanger, vaccum pump, primary fluid and the pump which circulates the primary fluid.  The designed collector is parabolic which helps to take more amount of solar energy and transmit to pipe consisting primary fluid. The primary fluid used is Duratherm 450 because it is economically and thermally stable, it gives high performance, it is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Parametric analysis carried out with help of computer model which simulated experimental results by solving  equations and calculations, based on this graphical analysis was done which concluded our experiment.

Keywords: Parabolic trough, Solar Desalination, Water Purification, Distillation.


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