An Overview of Machine Learning Techniques and Tools for Predictive Analytics

  • Darshan Labhade
  • Nikhil Lakare
  • Aniket Mohite
  • Siddhesh Bhavsar
  • Sushma Vispute
  • Govind Mahajan


Predictive analytics is the use of raw facts or data, algorithms of statistics and techniques of machine learning to identify what is the possibility of future outcomes based on historical data. Our main goal is to get the knowledge of what has happened in the past and predict future scenarios. This paper gives a brief introduction of various machine learning techniques and tools which use these machine learning techniques to accurately predict the outcomes based on the given data and business requirement. Furthermore, this paper is aimed help beginners in the field of predictive analytics to choose between various tools and techniques available in the market which can maximize the accuracy and outcomes.

Keywords: Prediction; Analytics; Machine Learning; Techniques; Tools; Data Mining;


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