Text Recognition Techniques

  • S J Fiona G Sathiaraj
  • Grishma S. Pingale
  • Souvik Majumdar
  • Saniya J. Shaikh
  • Dr. Bhushan S. Thakare


Text recognition is an analytical field of emerging research and development, and is indeed instrumental in converting the text obtained from the underlying documents, images or other input sources into digital text. Primarily, there are two methods of text recognition, viz. online recognition method and offline recognition method depending on the sources of input. The two major problems that often arise or occur in the process of text recognition include: text location identification within the document or image and text recognition and identification. Moreover, the complexity increases while dealing with handwritten text. A number of techniques to recognize type-written as well as hand-written text have been developed till date. This paper presents the state of the art and a model is proposed that can yield better results.

Keywords: neural network; text recognition; machine learning; deep learning; OCR


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