An Architecture to Secure (UAV) Cluster Communication

  • Richard Joseph
  • Sreevidya Iyer
  • Anjali Nambiar
  • Purva Badguja
  • Dhanashree Shetty


UAVs are being increasingly used in military and commercial areas alike. They often carry sensitive information making them vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Potential security vulnerabilities may also exist in the modules used for functioning of the drone, for example, by launching a GPS spoofing attack or WIFI attack, adversaries can get hold of important information. RF signals are used to control UAVs, but this does not work for clusters. Hence, we use wireless networking for UAV clusters. We use the WIFI module for this, but this, too, has vulnerabilities. In this paper, we have attempted to strengthen the security layer for UAV communication by exploring various security threats.

Keywords: drone security, UAV, cluster communication, IBOOS protocol, iot security


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