Optimization of OFET Performance with Pentacene as Organic Material

  • Abhishek Singh
  • Manish Kumar Singh


Pentacene is widely used in organic transistors as an organic semiconductor material. The conductivity of pentacene is enhanced in recent days, which helps in improving the device characteristics of organic transistors providing additional benefit of low-cost and flexible devices. Modeling and simulation of such devices are constructive in analyzing device characteristics. Here, in this paper modeling and simulation of four different configurations of organic transistor – two on the basis of the bottom gate and two on the basis of the top gate – is done in order to analyze the transfer and output characteristics. Off current of 10-15 A, and low subthreshold swing of 0.347 V/decade was observed.

Keywords: Flexible electronics, finite element modeling, top gate configuration, bottom gate configuration, organic transistors.


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