Serial Rapid IO high speed optical interface protocol for Indigenous MRI

  • Mahadev Dipnaik
  • Viren Ukey
  • Dhananjay Patel
  • Ranjana Gite
  • Dr. Sanjay Thakur


This paper presents the available literature on high speed Serial Rapid Input Output communication protocol. The MRI gradient amplifier system consists of a cabinet with a power supply and three Gradient Amplifiers. It is a three axes Gradient Amplifier system, which can be used in a MRI system to control the X, Y and Z Gradient Coils.  The optical interface this current setpoint can be transmitted digitally to the Gradient Amplifier. The gradient amplifier system possess optical interface which is a high speed interface intended for communication of current setpints, system clock, control diagnostics by the MRI system host. This optical interface benefits from digital optical isolation and removes cable, conversion loses and noise on the current setpoint.

Keywords: MRI system, Gradient amplifier, Serial Rapid Input Output, Optical interface.


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