Design of Zero Index Metamaterial Lens for Gain Enhancement of the Antenna array

  • Deepa Pattar


A zero index metamterial layer used for the gain enhancement of the patch antenna array operating in the L band. The slotted double circular ring resonator structure acts as the metamterial for the gain enhancement of the Microstrip patch antenna array. An improved gain, compact size with Near Zero Index (NZI) patch antenna array is designed with enhanced radiation properties. Slotted Double Circular Ring Resonator structure layer is placed above the microstrip patch antenna array. Moreover, it acts as Meta Surface lens. The proposed NZI lens is designed to increase the measured gain in E- and H-plane in operating frequency band (L-band).

Keywords: Metamaterial, Near Zero Index (NZI), Meta surface lens, slotted double circular ring resonator, Gain, E-plane, H-plane


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