Grid loss protection in an utility interactive single phase micro string solar inverter

  • Jeykishan Kumar K


This paper talks about anti-islanding protection function in a 1.5 kVA solar based micro string inverter with considering only the solar input side connected at input and utility connected at output side. As per the Indian standard 16169 which was released in 2014 and equivalent to IEC 62116 standard which was released in the year 2008, any power conditioning unit connected to utility must disconnect from utility within 2s after it goes off-line. The three different voltage levels and total of 47 conditions were tested for various real and reactive power maintaining quality factor 1 at utility side through a 200 kW RLC load and the disconnection time of inverter were obtained through a high definition oscilloscope. For the inverter tested for anti-islanding protection function, it was found that in all scenarios the inverters disconnected well within two seconds as per the limit imposed by IS 16169:2014/ IEC 62116:2008.

Keywords: inverter, anti-islanding, grid tied, disconnection time, volt-var, volt-watt , IS 16169, IEC 62116


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