Proving that Eddy Current is the Main Heat Generator for a Current Carrying Cable Suspended in a Steel Pipe

  • Dr. Prashobh Karunakaran
  • Prashanth Karunakaran
  • Shanthi Karunakaran
  • Arjun Karunakaran
  • Dr. Man Djun Lee
  • Dr. M. Shahril Osman
Keywords: Eddy Current, Joule Heating, Carbon-Steel, HDPE, PVC, Infrared, Heat


The aim of this research is to prove that when a current carrying cable is sized sufficiently to carry a large current and is placed in a steel pipe, the main energy loss is eddy current and not joule heating or I2R loss.  To prove this, two methods were used to negate the eddy current which are by placing live and neutral cables in the same pipe and the other was to place the same cable in HDPE pipes where eddy current cannot be induced.  It was conclusively proved that eddy current was the main generator of heat.  Heat was also observed all over the circuit and it was discovered that joints had the most heat.  Finally, the steel pipe itself was made part of another circuit to attempt to drain off the induced eddy current but this did not prove effective.  


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