HV Switchgear Switching System

  • Dr. Prashobh Karunakaran
  • Dr. M. Shahril Osman
  • Prashanth Karunakaran
  • Shanthi Karunakaran
  • Arjun Karunakaran
  • Dr. Man Djun Lee
Keywords: Electropneumatic, HV Switchgears, Switching, Accidents, Arc-Quenching, Safety System, Raking, Motorized Switchgears.


HV switchgears are normally well built and accidents are rare but when they do happen, the consequence to human life, downtime, financial losses and image of the company and stakeholders can be very significant.  Therefore, it is always best to perform any HV switching from a safe distance away.  Statistically, accidents are caused by human or mechanical issues which creeps up over time.  In this work, after much deliberation an electropneumatic system was developed to trigger HV switching from 25 m away. Much trial and error were done to achieve the finalized system The Switchgear Safety System developed was tested to be capable of switching a 11kV OCB, the racking in and out of the cubicle type VCB and even replacing the human finger to push the push-button type of motorized HV switchgears which is commonly sold today.  Though these latest push-button type switchgears look safe, only the high muscular strength human hand action is replaced by an electric motor, the mechanical engineering system behind, is still the same and therefore should be switched from a safe distance away.  


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How to Cite
Karunakaran, D. P., Osman, D. M. S., Karunakaran, P., Karunakaran, S., Karunakaran, A., & Lee, D. M. D. (2020). HV Switchgear Switching System. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 6(3), 77-85. https://doi.org/10.33130/AJCT.2020v06i03.012

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