Automatic Plant Watering System

  • Mitesh Sarode
  • Ahmed Shaikh
  • Sahil Krishnadas
  • Dr. Y.S Rao


This   paper   illustrates   the   implementation   of an automatic plant watering system using the Atmega328p and ESP-01 Wi-Fi module. The paper includes the working of the relay circuit and the activation of the pump. The automatic plant watering system is  designed  to  help  people  in  the  daily  activities  of  watering plants or lawns which require utmost attention as an appropriate watering  pattern  is  essential  to  ensure  that  the  plants  and  the lawn stay green and healthy. Considering the current scenario it has become difficult for people to look after their plants with their hectic  schedules  as  a  result  there  is  a  strong  need  to  automate this process in order to overcome this challenge. Automatic plant watering  system  has  everything  in  store  which  is  necessary  to provide  a  garden with the  watering  action  it  demands.

Keywords: Plant, automatic, watering, Internet of Things.


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