Design and implementation of stand-alone solar home system with electrical fencing

  • Vinaya K. Thombare
  • Vrushabh Subhash Shirgave
  • Sushant Anil Vhanawade
  • Aniket Nandkumar Shingare
  • Prajakta Prakash Zende
  • Pranali Bajrang Gaikwad


Utilization of off-grid solar PV system is one of the availability approaches that can provide electricity to these villages from the remote area or mini grid home load system design for future purposeng to design and application of off-grid solar PV system, valued experience was gotten for popularizing off-grid solar PV system in the remote area of home load . which played an important exemplary role for utilization of solar energy in future. For remote area home/house security is very important. House is one of the basic needs of human being.  A system is to be proposed which will protect the home from animals / birds, as which enter the house. A Solar / electric fence is provided around the home to protect the house from animal /birds/unknown human, so that they should not enter the house. If anyone touches electric fencing then a text message is sent to the owner’s mobile by the use of GSM. This research offers harmless and user-friendly home security for better security.

Keywords: Stand alone or off-grid system


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