• Harshit Agarwal
  • Govinda Verma
  • Lakshya Gupta


Face Recognition Attendance system is important in schools and institutions. In school and institution is not easy to maintain the attendance records in paper and file. Therefore, an existing system that uses a face recognition attendance system increases accuracy and it takes less time as compared to another method. There are a lot of systems available such as face recognition using  “IR motion” sensors, etc. With automatic face recognition attendance system, hardware devices(software), helpfull. But the challenge is to keep all the nerves properly without getting hurt. the face recognition attendance system we use javascripts,node.js and library are used tensorflow.js and face-API. It can take pictures from 50- 70cm. We create a graphical interface that takes pictures, builds a database ,and trains the database with  one click.

Keywords: IR motion, face-API


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