An IoT Based Intelligent Parking System for the Unutilized Parking Area With Real-Time Monitoring Using Mobile and Web Application

  • A. Z. M. Tahmidul Kabir
  • Al Mamun Mizan
  • Plabon Kumar Saha
  • Md. Shajedul Hasan
  • Mohitosh Pramanik


The parking place number still remains insufficient despite the continuous growth in vehicle number. This study proposed a solution using modern technology to resolve these parking issues.  The proposed solution is an automated parking management system that reduces parking scarcity by providing unused car parking places. This project has used IoT, mobile application, a web application to serve the following services, parking management, parking place availability monitorization, real-time invoice generation, payment system and, parking management.  By proving this system, the hassle of people will be reduced as they are getting updates on nearby available parking spots. Alongside IoT, mobile application, web application other technologies such as GPS -GSM module, image processing method, and other technologies were integrated. The system offers both web and android app-based solutions for better customer experience and easy usage. Moreover, there is also an offline mode to use the system.

Keywords: Parking share, IoT system, Automated parking, Image processing, Android app. YOLOv3-tiny


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